Multi-Family Office Services

Batoff Associates Family Office is a steward and trusted advisor to affluent individuals and their multi-generational families. Our staff guides each family through a goals-directed planning process designed to ensure that families benefit from all that their wealth allows – in lifestyle, maintenance, legacy planning, and philanthropy.

As a multi-family office, Batoff Associates provides the same menu of personal services that a single affluent family obtains from its own family office, but at a more affordable cost. Batoff Associates distinguishes itself from other multi-family offices by providing legal assistance on all matters affecting the family. Our interdisciplinary services enable us to apply a holistic approach and perspective to our clients’ complex financial needs.

By leaving the management of assets to investment professionals, we are able to provide objective and independent advising in the selection of money managers that suit our clients’ specific needs.

Typical clients include:

Business Owners

  • Involved in day-to-day operations of the businesses
  • Targeting a comprehensive succession plan for the management team and the family
  • Dedicated to supporting and giving back to the community
  • Expects personal finances to be overseen and managed like the business asset
  • Needs a risk management plan that protects what has been accomplished with hard work
  • Requires liquidity to provide for future tax liabilities

Affluent Families

  • Wealth was originally created by an earlier generation
  • Requires support in understanding the complexities created in prior planning
  • Independent administration of assets and the family portfolio are critical
  • Focused on leisure activities, alternative investing, and concierge services
  • Passionately involved in the community and philanthropic ventures
  • Interested in educating future generations in the value of wealth


For more information, or for a brochure of our services, please contact us at 410-864-6211 
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