Employee Benefits

The availability of generous employee benefits is often a compelling reason to obtain a secure position within a particular organization. Unfortunately, the procedures involved in dealing with pension benefits, health insurance, short- or long-term disability insurance, FMLA leave, and other benefits can be complex and difficult.

Batoff Associates devotes a substantial segment of its practice to employee benefits, COBRA, and ERISA matters.  Our firm is unique in its approach to employee benefits matters by integrating executive compensation, corporate transaction, and estate planning considerations in order to provide a service that is finely tailored to each client’s interests.

Our Clients

Our clients span numerous industries and include hospitals and health care providers, universities, manufacturers, tax-exempt organizations, financial institutions, and private equity holders.


Services provided by attorneys in the employee benefits practice group include the following:

Qualified Retirement Plans: We advise clients on all aspects of their qualified pension plans, profit-sharing plans, 401(k) plans, and ESOPs, including:

  • Plan design and implementation
  • Compliance advising
  • Employee communications (e.g., SPD, SMM, benefit forms, safe harbor notice, etc.)
  • Plan Testing
  • Service provider guidance (including investment professionals, actuaries, and third-party administrators)
  • Plan terminations

Employee Benefit Plans: Our attorneys assist clients in designing and implementing employee benefit plans, ensuring ongoing compliance with the changing health care laws, and the selection of service providers.

Executive Compensation: We draft employment and severance agreements, split dollar arrangements, deferred compensation plans and SERPs, stock options, and other arrangements.  Our advice covers securities laws, as well as federal and state tax regulations, and ERISA requirements.  We regularly draft deferred compensation agreements for corporate executives.

Mergers and Acquisitions: In conjunction with the firm’s transactional practice, we perform both legal and quantitative benefits diligence; negotiate the benefits-related aspects of the deal; and follow through with plan set-ups, spin-offs, and/or terminations as needed.
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